ProQ Gromlets
ProQ Gromlets
ProQ Gromlets
ProQ Gromlets

ProQ Gromlets

Silicone BBQ Eyelets - Pack of 4

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ProQ Gromlets make crushed and burned BBQ temperature probe wires a thing of the past!  These silicone eyelets are designed to protect temperature probe wires and cables by enabling them to be fed through a small hole in the smoker wall and not between the lid and the stacks.  All ProQ BBQ Smokers have probe holes pre-drilled in each stacker section. 


  • Set of 4 Orange ProQ Gromlets 
  • High heat silicone eyelets for your BBQ or Smoker
  • Use to prevent bent, crushed and tangled probe wires
  • Can easily be fitted to many types of BBQ and smokers.
  • Fit most probes (Maverick, iGrill, InkBird)




  • Construction: Moulded Silcone 
  • Designed to fit Pre-drilled probe inlet holes on all recent models of ProQ BBQ Smokers
  • Gromlets can also be fitted to other brands of BBQ and Smokers - drilling a suitable hole may be required. 
  • Warning: drilling a hole may affect your BBQ or Smoker manufacturer warranty.  


You will need to drill an 8mm diameter hole for each Gromlet.

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