ProQ Reverse Flow Charcoal BBQ

ProQ Reverse Flow Charcoal BBQ


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The ProQ Reverse Flow Cabinet Smokers are perfect for kitchens where space is a concern, with a great footprint to capacity ratio, these smokers are excellent for events catering too.

With their heavy duty build and insulation, these reverse flow cabinet smokers will deliver when it comes to consistency in authentic barbecue flavour, reliability and build quality.

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  • Wow your customers with real American barbecue flavour, our smokers use only charcoal and wood chunks for authenticity
  • We now only offer 1 size of reverse flow cabinet smoker with a capacity of 35 KG.
  • Incredibly well built, these smokers are insulated heavily giving you amazingly stable temperatures and fuel economy. Check your cabinet smokers' temperature automatically through our Temperature Gauge and easily calibrate them.
  • Our Reverse flow smokers are best suited to daily cooks or events catering, they will easily run for 20+ hours with very little attention
  • Made with practicality in mind, our smokers are easy to clean, with everything in the cook chamber being fully removable
  • Have your Pitmaster control the air exiting the smoker through our Chimney Damper and show them some love with our built-in bottle opener for refreshments!




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